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Dezső Laczkó Museum

As a county museum, we publish about Veszprém county to the world and about the world to people living in Veszprém county. We tell stories and show lives from the past, the present, and the future, because “historia est magistra vitae”, i.e. history is life’s teacher. The first finds of the oldest and most significant museum in the county were taken to the collection in 1903, and the building, hidden among the cool and shady trees in Erzsébet promenade, has been open for visitors since 1925. The collection of the museum with 330 000 items deals with ethnography, archaeology, history, fine and applied arts, literary history of Veszprém and Veszprém county, and there is a remarkable collection of numismatic collection too.

Spirit... in objects... in places in pictures is a permanent exhibition on Veszprém county’s cultural heritage. It makes you travel in time and space everywhere in the county from the ancient times to the modern age, from the Avars to our grandparents. The oldest archaeological findings date back to 5th century B.C.!

Our Library and Treasury of Knowledge is a home for ancient prints, antiques of several hundreds of years old, first editions of Hungarian fiction and non-fiction books from the 17-19th centuries. In addition visitors can watch archive and contemporary films on about Veszprém county.

Our temporary exhibitions accommodate artistic, ethnographic, archaeological, contemporary, literature or even sport historical exhibitions.

Our Treasury of Knowledge is the heart of museum education programmes. Museum education lessons, very popular among students, are linked to our exhibitions, educational curricula, and the Bakony House. Our training and education room, equipped with the latest presentation technologies, was opened in autumn 2010 with the aim to convert theoretical coursebooks into practical matters, give space for creative activities and archaeological studies as well.

There is a rich cultural experience awaiting visitors in the secession building of the Museum located in the town of Queens. Should you arrive on foot, by bicycle, train, or coach, alone or with friends or family, you will find temporary or permanent exhibitions, events, or publications of your taste, interest, and like!    

General office, museologists, data warehouse, gallery:
Address: 8200 Veszprém, Török Ignác u. 7.
Postal address: 8210 Veszprém, Pf. 1032
Phone: (88) 564-310, (88) 789-791, fax: (88) 564-321

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.
Phone: (+36 88) 426-081, (+36 88) 788-191, fax: (+36 88) 426-081
GPS: N47.090463, E17.909007

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00
Closed on Monday

Guided museum education tours and adult groups are welcome from Monday to Friday from 8.00 till 16.00. Please register in advance.

Information, registration: Tel./fax: +36 88 426-081/ extension 18.

Admission fees in 2014:

All exhibitions (permanent temporary exhibitions)

Adult: 800 Ft
Student / Pensioner: 400 Ft
Family (2 adults, maximum 4 children): 1800 Ft
Group (minimum 10 adults / students): 600 / 300 Ft

Permanent exhibition: Spirit... in objects... in places... in pictures, Library and Treasury of Knowledge (2 exhibitions for a price of 1):
Adult: 500 Ft
Student / Pensioner: 300 Ft
Family (2 adults, maximum  4 children): 1100 Ft
Group (minimum 10 adults / students): 400 / 250 Ft

One temporary exhibition *
Adult: 500 Ft
Student / Pensioner: 300 Ft
Family (2 adults, max. 4 children): 1100 Ft
Group (minimum 10 adults / students): 400 / 250 Ft
* NOT valid for special exhibitions. Please ask the cashier for further information.

Combined ticket (valid for Bakony House and the entire Dezső Laczkó Museum):
Adult: 1100 Ft
Student / Pensioner: 550 Ft
Family (2 adults, max. 4 children): 2200 Ft
Group (minimum 10 adults / students): 700 / 400 Ft

Photo permit: 290 Ft/visit
Video permit: 400 Ft/visit